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10 Bad Skin Habits to Kick

Among the common habits people have there are a few bad skin habits to kick. These habits need to be avoided at any cost as they tend to damage the skin and could lead to damage to the look of a person.

1. Staying away from espressos, mimosas, etc.

It is recommended to decrease the intake of too much caffeine, booze sugar and salt. Alcohol inflames and dehydrates the skin and makes it blotchy and dull. One just needs to make sure that they avoid the dessert mixers and sugary mixers as much as possible.

2. Over-cleansing

Dry skin needs to be lathered up on a lesser scale because it removes natural oils. Oil-based or creamy cleanser needs to be used at night and rinse the skin with water the next morning. This also helps in retaining one’s own moisturizing oils as well.

3. Using gritty exfoliators

One should toss their scrub or peel away if it stings or leaves the skin blotchy and red. It’s a very bad skin habit to kick as it removes the natural hydrating oils of the skin along with the flaky skin. An exfoliator with sugar or microbeads needs to be used for the best results.

4. Tanning

Another bad skin habit to kick, it not only accelerates the ageing process of the skin (leading to an older-looking skin), but can also pave the way for skin cancer. Instead, one can use sunless tanner or natural bronzer.

5. Not caring for chest and neck skin

One should not let their skin care practise stop at their face. The delicate décolletages (the upper chests and neck) are exposed to elements much like the face and can show signs of ageing faster than the covered up areas. Chest and neck’s skin should be incorporated into the daily cleansing, moisturizing and toning routine.

6. Using too many products

It is always recommended to keep things as simple as possible, with almost all kinds of skin types benefitting immensely from a gentle cleanser, lotion and toner. Therefore, piling on products can simply irritate the skin since all of these various products come with different purposes and formulas.

7. Squeezing pimples

However hard we may try in convincing ourselves that picking or popping pimples helps, but the truth is that it only makes things worse which may lead to scars. Plus, bacteria can spread to other areas, making way for more pimples.

8. Sleeping in makeup

On late nights it can be quite tempting but it is a strict no-no and a bad skin habit to kick. This is because retiring to bed with makeup on can clog the pores, making the skin unable to breathe. Also, it may lead to an eye infection or an allergic reaction as well.

9. Not changing pillowcases and sheets often enough

Sheets and pillowcases absorb oils from the skin and can reapply these dirt and oils onto the skin later on. For those with acne-prone, oily skin, it is very important to change the sheets and pillowcases as frequently as possible.

10. Using old makeup

There are some definite reasons for which beauty products come with expiry dates. Not only the formula’s effectiveness changes but it breeds bacteria as well which triggers breakouts and rashes.

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