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15 Facts and Myths About Great Skin Revealed

Skin is the largest organ of the human-body and, as a protective cover; it is the most visible one too. Many people, especially ladies, go to great extents for healthy skin but most of them are unaware of the 15 facts and myths about great skin. Taking care of skin by natural means and those recommended by real experts should be the primary concern of all.

  1. Acne
    Acne-prone skin should not be touched often. Touching deposits microscopic bacteria onto the skin and aggravates the issue.
  2. Botox
    Botox is not injurious to skin. Rather, it relaxes muscles where it is injected and minimises wrinkles and lines.
  3. Dandruff and acne
    Dandruff in the crown of the head and oily skin are not the only cause of acne. Increase of cortisol-level in the body tremendous mental stress causes acne in most cases.
  4. Right treatment
    Dermatology and cosmetology are totally different. Dermatologists have complete knowledge on skin and can treat skin diseases while cosmetologists deal with only cosmetic products and their effect on the skin.
  5. Proper diet
    Diet is more important for glowing skin than skin care products. Essential antioxidants, minerals and vitamins obtained through balanced diet are significant for beautiful skin.
  6. Enough water
    Drinking plenty of water has no proven relation with health of the skin. Drinking water far in excess can lower salt-concentration in human body and can be harmful.
  7. Treating your skin the right way
    Effective skin treatment is available not only in developed countries but also in most developing nations. Efficient conferencing technologies have helped world-wide advancement of medical science.
  8. Moisturisers
    Even oily skin needs moisture for hydration. Oil-free moisturisers should be used on oily and acne-prone skin. Oil-free moisturisers can even reduce acne.
  9. Fairness creams
    Fairness creams cannot change the complexion of the skin. People should rather use exfoliating, moisturising, toning and cleansing products to maintain healthy skin.
  10. Hair care
    Hair issues such as oily, lumpy or dry hair can be the effect of unsuitable hair care products, unfavourable weather, stress, oily food, etc.
  11. Exfoliation
    It is a fact that exfoliation removes the layer of dead and dull cells from the surface of the skin and makes it radiant. Exfoliation is recommended twice a week.
  12. Skin ailments
    Men’s skin is less prone to skin ailments than women’s skin because of exfoliation men get as result of shaving.
  13. Skin diseases
    Most skin diseases are curable. Even some of the most complex ones can treated, if diagnosed early.
  14. Skin care products
    Neither all skin care products are beneficial nor are all of them harmful. Only those that are recommended by cosmetologists or dermatologists should be used. Brand ambassadors are paid to endorse products and their presence in promotional does not verify the genuineness of a product.
  15. Ageing
    The process of ageing is not same in every individual and depends on the lifestyle and genes of the person. Fine lines, dark spots, wrinkles and grey hairs appear is some people earlier than others.

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