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20 Best Habits for Healthy Skin

Skin is the largest organ in the human body and also the most exposed one. Some of the best habits for healthy skin ensure that the organic cover which protects delicate internal organs in human-body well protected 365 days a year and everywhere.

1. Approved Products

Use of cosmetic products that are approved by dermatologists and cosmetologists is the key to the successful skin care.

2. Air-Conditioners

Air-conditioning disturbs the heat-balance of the body and causes eczema, premature wrinkling, etc. Avoiding air-conditioners is the best habit for healthy skin. Air-conditioners should be properly maintained.

3. Diet

Fruits, vegetables and nuts are beneficial for overall health and fitness. All food-items that are rich in anti-oxidants are good for healthy skin.

4. Drinking More Water

Digestive system has significant influence on the skin. Water not only helps the digestive system to function properly, but it also hydrates skin from inside.

5. Exercise Regularly

Workout impacts the skin too. Some simple steps of stretching, yoga, etc. can be learnt to keep the muscles and skin toned.

6. For Men

Good shave gel or foam is essential for opening skin pores and smooth shaving. Cuts and rashes can be caused otherwise.

7. For Winters

The weather is mostly dry during winters. Therefore, using moisturisers regularly is the indeed among the best habits for healthy skin.

8. Fruit & Vegetable Salads

Salads have all-round effect on health and fitness of human beings. They contain anti-oxidants and are essential for youthful skin.

9. In 30s

Application of serum at night is essential for those in 30s. There are different products for eyes, dark circles, puffiness, etc.

10. Moisturising

Moisturisers hydrate the skin from outside and keep it smooth. Even oily skin needs moisturisers but those that are especially made for oily-skin.

11. Morning & Evening

Alpha hydroxyl acids like glycolic acids are recommended for exfoliation in the morning while mild creamy cleanser is preferable for face-wash in the evening.

12. Organic Nourishment

Hydration with water, consumption of food that is rich minerals, vitamins, antioxidants, good cholesterol and essential fatty acids is good for healthy skin.

13. Post Makeup Removal

Clean & clear skin is the best makeup. In case of additional makeup, good cleansers should be used after makeup removal for cleaning the skin.

14. Shower

Hot shower may feel good during winters but could wash off essential oil from skin. Use of scrubber and loofah on damaged skin is foolishness.

15. Skin Cleaning

Washing skin regularly is the simplest habit for healthy skin. Washing skin a few times daily keeps it clean.

16. Skin Massage

Massaging skin with cosmetic products for cell-rejuvenation and exfoliation is another great habit for healthy skin.

17. SPF

Sun protection factor depends upon the sensitiveness of the skin. Typically, SPF 15 or greater is required for sensitive skin.

18. Sunscreen

Skin of both men and women is susceptible to harsh sunrays. Therefore, using sunscreen punctually before stepping out has to be among the best practiced habits for a healthy and glowing skin.

19. Vitamin C

Creams and moisturisers that contain Vitamin C are especially beneficial in winter. They also prevent skin from effects of makeup, somewhat.

20. What to Avoid

Excessive alcohol, nicotine and caffeine have significant effects on human skin and they have to cut down to the maximum for better skin and overall health.

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