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Skin Care Remedies at Home: 20 Herbs for Oily Skin

Overly oily skin tends to create a problem for most people as it results in the outbreak of acnes, pimples, etc. and these herbs for oily skin definitely help people to get rid of the excess oiliness from the skin in a safe and natural manner.

  1. Rosemary
    Rosemary serves as a natural astringent and also has antioxidant properties that assist to treat ageing and oily prone skin. It also increases blood circulation and moisturizes the skin in an effective manner.
  2. Peppermint
    The menthol content of peppermint helps to revitalize and refresh the skin and also helps in reducing irritation and redness.
  3. Sage
    Leaves of sage are ideal for wrinkled, spotty and oily skin. This herb for oily skin also assists with restoration of elasticity and closing of pores.
  4. Rose
    Sensitive and dry skin can benefit many ways from rose oil and rose water. It also acts as cleansing agent and helps with skin hydration.
  5. Calendula
    Marigold flowers normalize and regularize sebaceous secretions production which assists with tightening of the pores and balancing of sebum layer.
  6. Yarrow
    The soothing, healing and astringent properties of Yarrow flowers are perfect for treating oily skin types.
  7. Lavender
    The essential oils of lavender act as astringent and controls the surface oils of the skin that result in acne formation.
  8. Sandalwood
    The soothing and astringent properties of this oily skin herb rejuvenate dehydrated skin and relieve inflammation and itching.
  9. Tangerine
    Apart from being an astringent, tangerine also acts as an anti-septic. The Vitamin A present in it helps with treatment of acne prone and oily skin.
  10. Lemon
    The skin can be made supple and smooth by application of lemon juice as it helps with cleansing of dirt and excess oil from the skin.
  11. Licorice
    The flavonoids and glycyrrhetic acid content of licorice offer antioxidant, regenerative and soothing properties that help to maintain a healthy and glowing skin.
  12. Tea tree oil
    Tea tree oil not only helps with treatment of oily skin, but also heals and revives the skin to a great extent.
  13. Honey
    Though exactly not an herb, honey helps with the absorption of excess moisture from skin and also prevents the occurrence of skin infections.
  14. Grape
    Application of grape juice helps with tightening and toning of the skin.
  15. Aloe Vera
    Aloe Vera is rich in nutrients, polysaccharides and enzymes and acts as oily skin’s natural remedy.
  16. Lemon Grass
    Lemon Grass helps to get rid of extra amount of oil from and even acts as a wonderful skin toner.
  17. Fullers Earth
    In order to get natural glow, Fullers Earth can be applied to the skin to absorb excess amount of oil.
  18. Flax
    The moisturizing and regenerative properties of linseed oil soften and soothe the skin.
  19. Thyme
    Thyme has anti-bacterial as well as stringent properties to clean the skin in an effective manner.
  20. Cucumber
    Apart from being a natural coolant, the astringent, nourishing and hydrating properties of cucumber help with effective treatment of oily skin. It also contains folic acid along with Vitamin C and A.
    The 20 herbs for oily skin promise to provide a natural glowing, healthy and rejuvenated skin without the need to resort to artificial methods or procedures.

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